This article is about a/an kaiju in Ryūsei Ningen Zone
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Height: 80 meters
Weight: 69,000 tons
First Appearence: Secret Of Bakugon - The Great Terro-Beast!
Last Appearence: Secret Of Bakugon - The Great Terro-Beast!

Great Terror-Beast: Bakugon is capable of creating mirages that will confuse an attacker. When the Zone Family ruined an experiment the Garoga were conducting in a scrap yard they unleashed this kaiju to go on a rampage. Zone Fighter seemed to be winning the fight at first when he showed up but the creature soon got the upper hand when it made mirages of itself. Powerful blow after powerful blow knocked Zone Fighter around. To make matters worse the kaiju tackled Zone right when Smokey had fired a replacement capsule.

Eventually however Zone Fighter managed to tackle the giant cyborg mammal and wailed on it with his fists despite running low on power and Smokey fired another capsule. Now fully recharged Zone Fighter fired his Meteor Missile Might and killed Bakugon.

Powers and weaponsEdit

  • Fire Breath: Bakugon can shoot a stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Mirage: Bakugon can make mirages of himself to confuse an attacker and set up an ambush.
  • Загружено


  • Bakugon is one of the few mammal kaiju in the Showa Godzilla timeline, the others being King Kong and arguably King Caesar (King Caesar is believed to be a golem rather then a flesh and blood monster which would explain the jewel eyes).