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When livestock is stolen, in episode 12: "The Terror-Beast Base: Invade The Earth!", it seemed likely the Garoga were behind it. Sure enough Zone Angel follwed a group of Garoga who were stealing some chickens to their base. It was discovered that they were combining geo theremel energy with a chicken to create the mutant known as Strongest Terror-Beast: Barakidon! The beast was out of control and even destroyed the base it was being held in. Thankfully Zone Angel had escaped and stolen blueprints for the monster and discovered it's weakness. The creature weakens when there is not enough heat. Taking advantage of this Zone Angel uses Smokey to block out the sun while Zone Fighter defeats the monster. Seeing that the creature was an unwilling victim of the Garoga's experiments Zone Fighter used his Subsuding Mist to give the creature a peaceful state of mind before killing it with his Meteor Missile Might.


Barakidon is 73 meters tall and has a mass of 63,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Subsiding Mist: Can fire a mist form it's mouth and that will give a target a more peacful state of mind.

Hurrican Winds: Can flap it's wings to create winds strong enough to knock a kaiju off it's feet.

Red Light Drain: Can create a red light that will drain Zone Fighter's energy and contuer act his ability to absorb the suns rays for energy.


Zone Fighter vs Barakidon