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In "Episode 2: Attack Destro-King!" when a second attempt on the Zone families life fails the Gargo once again resort to a desperate backup plan to use the Subterranean Terror-Beast: Destro-King! The beat fought well against Zone Fighter, managing to stun him with his beams and wail on him with his two heads. Eventually Zone Fighter managed to break free of it's grasp and used Meteor Missile Might on the war machine but the creature did not die. In fact it was still able to fight! Destro-King stunned Zone by firing two beams at the same time on him and was moving in for the kill when Zone Angel and Zone Junior fired blue energy rays from their crest's that took off one of it's head and then fired pink energy rays into Zone Fighter's capsule which recharged him. Zone Fighter got back up as if all the damage he took in the fight never happens and beat Destro-King until the machine fell over and exploded after taking too many hits.


Destro-King is 85 meters tall. Just like most creatures from the show he is rather heavy for his size at 80,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

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One of Destro-King's heads fires it's energy ray.

Concentrated Energy Beams: Destro-King can fire powerful rays from both mouths that can stun a target long enough for it to attack it.


-Destro-King looks surprisingly intimidating since it's design seems to be a two headed robot chicken. Ironically the show would have a second chicken monster that looks like the comical version of what one would expect a chicken monster to look like, Barakidon.

-Destro-King is the first Terror-Beast to be hit by the Meteor Missile Might attack and not die.

-Disturbingly, Destro-King has a spike sticking out of where it's crouch would be if it was not a machine....

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Zone Fighter vs Destro-King