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In episode 13: "Hair-Raising! The Birthday of Terror" after a botched attempt on the Zone Family's life goes sour the Garoga unleashed Electric-Terror Beast: Garoborg to finish the job. At first Zone Fighter can't even touch the monster due to it's shocks so he uses a tree and some static shock to hurt the beast but after soon discovering the parts that give it juice Zone Fighter destroys these parts allowing him to punch and throw the monster without being shocked. Before long Zone Fighter and smokey finish off the monster.

A second Garoborg would team up with a second Spider Uros and fight Godzilla before having missiles fire right through it's body and die.


Garoborg is 78 meters tall and has a whopping mass of 90,000 tons!

Powers and weaponsEdit

Electrified Body: Garoborg can create strong shocks that will zap anyone who attacks it.

Scalding Mist: Garoborg can fire a burning hot steam from the box on top of it's head.


The glass dome on it's eyes and brain are rather weak and if damaged can make the beast lose the power to create shocks. Also an ironic weakness the monster can't handle shocks from an outside source too well.


Zone Fighter vs Garoborg

Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs Garoborg and Spider Uros