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Garoga Gorilla.


When a Garoga Spider bites a Gorilla it mutates into the mighty Giant Ape Terror-Beast: Garoga Gorilla. The Gargoa fought Zone Angel, Junior, and Yoichiro until they brok off from the fight when they saw that the monster was getting closer. While Zone Fighter was off fighting off Spider Uros his father and siblings finished off Gargoa Gorilla before it had the chance to cause any real harm.


The mutation is 58 meters tall and has a mass of 68,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Garoga Gorilla has no real power per say but being a giant gorilla it is safe to say he would have been strong. However the beast had a major glaring flaw. It's flesh was weak as it was easily killed by the beams fired from Zone Angel, Junior, and Yoichiro where as most other Terror-Beasts would only be hurt or stunned by such low power weapons.


-This is one of the few kaiju to not fight Zone Fighter.

use roar gorbagos and magnedon from ultraman jack 2 monsters


Garoga Gorilla Rampage