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After agent Gargoa 13 had planted a bomb in the Zone Family's hotel room it was thrown off the balcony only to mutate into the Thorny Terror-Beast: Gilmars! It battled Zone Fighter but was quickly put down after Zone used it's own horn against it just in the nick of time as Zone Fighter had enough time to remove the bomb before it was too late.


Gilmaras is 75 meters tall and has a mass of 75,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Removable Horn: The creature can remove it's horn and use it as a weapon.

Fire Breath: The creature can spit fire from where it's horn was.


-Gilmaras death mirrors Dragon King in that both were seen very shortly before being handled with quickly.

use roar dangar and gyeron starbem from ultraman jack and ultraseven kaiju


Zone Fifghter vs Gilmaras