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After being feed the stolen new energy, PS73, the Bomb Terror-Beast: Godargilas was being used as, the subtitle suggests, a living bomb. To make matters worse Comet K is passing the earth. It's powerful magnetic waves could cause the unstable energy to explode causing the destruction of most of Japan! Gondargilas was soon advancing on more PS73. With no choice Zone Fighter had to step in and find a way to beat the monster without fighting it due to the high risk of causing an explosion.

Zone Fighter tried to persuade the monster to leave but the monster refused. In a rather humorous moment Zone Fighter convinced the monster to play rock, paper, scissors with him and won but the monster still refused to leave the planet. Zone Fighter then challenged it to a friendly fencing match with trees and once again won but still the monster refused to leave and began to attack. Left with no other option and running out of power Zone Fighter left to form a plan. In the next episode Zone Fighter had found the creature again and challenged it to a game of ring toss. When the creature had it's back turned Zone Fighter made his move and tore it's eyes off, destroyed it's arms with his Arrow Beams, and blew its head off with his Meteor Missile Might. He then flew out in space with Gondargilas's corpse and blew it up with a Meteor Proton Beam causing an explosion massive enough to cause Comet K to change it's course.


Gondargilas is 71 meters tall and has a mass of 80,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Fire Breath: The kaiju can fire a stream of fire from it's mouth.

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Zone Fighter suffers the Twister Beam.

Twister Beam: Gondargilas can fire twin thin red beams from it's fangs that will make a foe spin around in the air and make them dizzy before dropping them.


-Gondargilas is one of the kaiju who suffered some rather violent deaths near the later episodes of the show.


Zone Fighter vs Gondargilas Round 1

Zone Fighter vs Gondargilas Round 2