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When several children are kidnapped it is soon revealed that the kids are put inside Twin-Headed Terror-Beast: Goramu! When facing the monster Zone Fighter refused to use his Meteor Missile Might for fear of hurting or killing the kids. Goramu took advantage of this, firing it's giant guns at him. However when the monster's left head seems to hold it's ears Zone Fighter sees that the kids are there. After ripping off the left head and freeing the kids Zone Fighter finishes off Goramu once and for all and the kids return to their parents.


Goramu is 92 meters tall and has a mass of 79,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Fire Breath: The monster can fire a stream of fire from it's two mouths.

Giant Pistols: Goramu is armed with two giant pistols that it is fond of quick drawing with.



Zone Fighter vs Goramu