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The final Terror-Beast, Grotogauros.


Several Garoga X agents ambushed Zone Fighter and tried to kill him. It was a hard battle but Zone, with help from Angel and Junior, defeated them. But the special froces weren't done yet. As they slowly sank into the sea they fell in they merged together to become the last Terror-Beast, The Illusion Terror-Beast: Grotogarus! Turning into his gaint form Zone Fighter confronted the kaiju in the sea. The two clahed like gods of war but before long Gorogauros managed to get away from Zone and began to destroy a fishing village. Zone Fighter met the beast head on on land but the monster made powerful illusions with it's vapour and was quickly gaining the upper hand. It seemed to only be a matter of time before Zone Fighter would lose when he turned his back to the monster and let it charge him.

Zone stopped using his eyes and instead used his hearing to tell where the monster really is and severaly beat the monster. Before long he fired his Meteor Missle Might but in a last ditch effort to be rid of him Grotogauros took advantage of the explosion dely and tackled Zone to try and kamikaze him and the two fell into the sea. However after the explosion Zone Fighter emeraged from the water unscathed as the water protected him from the explosion and he did his victory pose. With the last Terror-Beast gone it was now question of when the Garogas would be destroyed not if.


Grotogauros is 80 meters tall and has a mass of 80,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Mirage Vapor: Grotogauros exples a vapor that makes others hallucinate if they breath it in.

Self-Destruct: Grotogauros is able explode as a last-ditch effort in a desperate situation.


-Because it was made by several Garoga X agents fusing, Grotogauros is the strongest monster Zone Fighter has fought with the exception of King Ghidorah, Godzilla and Gigan.


Zone Fighter vs Grotogauros (The Final Battle)