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A native of the planet Jellarl, the Mollusk Terror-Beast: Jellar was used as a new bio weapon on Zone Fighter. It's most dangerous power was that it was immune to the Meteor Proton Beam. Once the two finally fought Zone Fighter quickly learned that the uselessness of his Proton Beam and had to come up with a new plan of action. Godzilla soon arrived on the scene and helped Zone Fighter fight the kaiju. Godzilla tore a piece off of Jellar and while the King of The Monsters meant well this chunk off flesh mutated and grew into a giant monster called Kastam-Jellar.

The two monster fought the heroes but in the end they were no match. Zone Fighter and Godzilla finished the two off with the combine might of Meteor Missile Might and Atomic Blast reducing the two into nothing but a pile of goop.


Jellar is 73 meters tall and has a mass of 71,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Flight: Jellar can fly by some unknown means.

Acid Mist: Jellar can fire an acidic vapor from it's tentacles.

Immune to Meteor Proton Beam: Because of experiments done by the Garoga the creature is immune to Zone Fighter's Meteor Proton Beam.

Clone: If any of the tentacles are broken off they will almost regrow into a Kastam-Jellar.


Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs Jellar and Kastam-Jellar