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The Armored Terror-Beast: Kabutogira was the new monster among the army of kaiju sent to rampage. While a few of the capsule holding the Terror-Beasts were destroyed before they could grow back to adult size several other exploded before they could be found and destroyed. Kabutogira went on a rampage as soon as he was freed. Destroying everything in sight it attacked Zone Fighter as soon as he saw him. Kabutogira put up an incredible fight even going so far as to delay the Meteor Missile Might attack but ultimately failed when Zone took to the sky and fired on him.

It did not matter though, the monster did it's task, delay Zone long enough for the remaining monsters to be freed. The mission would have gone well had Godzilla not shown up to hold off the other monsters.


Kabutogira is 73 meters tall and has a mass of 75,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Sword Hand: Kabutogira's hands have been replaced by giant swords.

Explosive Mist: Kabutogira can fire a mist made of an unknown substance that will cause anything hit by it to either melt or explode.


Zone Fighter vs Kabutogira