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When another plane goes sour in episode 16: "Terrifying Attack! The Garoga Robot" the Garoga unleash the Drill-Terror Beast: Moguranda! The beast fought Zone Fighter with all it's might and seemed to be winning however the tides of the battle changed and the creature was fighting a losing battle. The war machine was easily defeated and the kaiju was reduced to nothing.


The monster is 108 meters tall and has a mass of 86,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Fire Stream: The machine kaiju can shoot a stream of fire from it's mouth.

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Lighting Eyes: The robot monster can fire lighting from it's eyes to shock a foe.

Lavender Smog: After eating it's own meteor it can expel powerful smog from it's mouth.

Giant Claw: The war machine has a giant claw on it's right hand to slash an attacker.

Giant Drill: The creature has a giant drill on it's back that it can use to ram a target.


-Moguranda is tied with Wargigar as the tallest Showa monster at 108 meters, just barely taller then King Ghidorah however the former is probably only this tall because of it's drill and the latter is usually hunched over.


Zone Fighter vs Moguranda