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When several villagers go missing it is soon discovered that they are being held captive in a Garoga base and are being put in a sleep walk like state. When Zone Fighter freed them he soon came face to face with the Needle Shooting Terror-Beast: Needlar! The creature used many bizarre weapons to attack the hero including exploding throwing stars. In the end though the monster died like so many before it and was killed with the Meteor Missile Might which caused it's head to go flying off! The villagers were freed from their sleep walk like state and Zone Fighter destroyed the base.


Needlar is 77 meters tall and has a mass of 80,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Shurikians: Needlar can make giant shurikens that exploded after embedding themselves in a target.

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Needlar uses his blowgun.

Blowgun: A rather strange ability the creature can fire darts out of a blowgun by blowing into it through a hole in its neck instead of it's mouth.

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Needlar's giant sword.

Giant Sword: Needlar can produce a giant sword out of thin air.

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Constrict Beam.

Constrict Beam: Neelar can fire a beam from his hands that constrict an attacker.

Fire Breath: Needlar can shoot a stream of fire from his mouth.


Zone Fighter vs Needlar