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After being attacked by a strange orb Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter and destroys it. Shortly after he notices his shadow moving by itself but tests show nothing wrong. After a short fight with Jipudoro Zone Fighter's shadow takes a life of it's own and turns into a giant Terror-Beast known as Energy Terror-Beast: Shadorah! Zone Fighter grew weak and could not recharge and to make matters worse Shadorah was immune to Zone Fighter's powers. Zone reverted back into his human form as Shadorah and a newly revived Jipudoro walked away from the battle. Convinced that the monster most be feed a constant source of energy the Zone Family plan to lure the beast out again to find out where the signal is coming from. Hikaru once again transforms into Zone Fighter and losses again but the Zone Family now know where the transmission is coming from. They find the machine inside a shipwreck near the bottom of the sea and after a short battle with the garoga the Zone Family destroys the machine and Shadorah self-destructs.


Shadorah is 70 meters tall however being that it is an energy based lifeform it's mass, if any, is unknown.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Hoste: Shadorah feeds off a target and drains it of power as well as live in it's shadow.

Blinding Flash: The monster can cause bright flashes of light with it;s eyes that burn a targets flesh.

Immune: Is immune to it's host's attacks.

Acid Mist: The monster can fire a acidic mist from it's mouth.



The crature will self destruct if the machine feeding it energy is destroyed.


-Shadorah is the first monster to not lose to Zone Fighter.

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Zone Fighter vs Jipudoro and Shadorah

Zone Fighter vs Shadorah Round 2

Shadorah's death