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When Sachio is confirmed dead and that they have been sheltering an impostor, the Zone family wondered what to do next when their TV came to life and the Gargoa posing as Sachio taunted them. Seeing that Wargilgar was brought back from wherever it was transported to in their last fight and was now attacking a city Zone Fighter rushed to combat the beast. The fight did not go as well as the last one because he was injured and to make matters worse the fake Sachio transformed into Laser Terror-Beast: Spyler! The creature would blind Zone Fighter with his lights leaving him vulnerable to both monsters attacks. It seemed the the mighty Meteor Man had met his match when Zone Angel used a Zobot to summoned The King of The Monsters himself, Godzilla! After severely hurting both Terror-Beasts Godzilla finished off Wargilgar with his Atomic Beam while Zone Fighter beat Spyler in hand to hand combat before using his Meteor Missile Might on him.

The attack was effective but Spyler was still alive. Zone Fighter picked up the monster and threw him high into the air before finishing him off with a Meteor Proton Beam. After the fight it dawned Hikaru that he had a powerful ally in the form of Godzilla. It would not be long before the two become friends of sorts.


Spyler is 85 meters tall and has a mass of 80,000 tons.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Claws: Spyler has razor sharp claws made to rip fleash off.

Blinding Lights: Spyler can have the knobs on it's body gave off flashing light that will blind an attacker long enough to mount a counter-attack.


-Spyler is the second kaiju to survive the Meteor Missile Might attack but the first to be killed by the Meteor Proton Beam.

spyler has an appearance similar to vakishim from ultraman ace

use roar signalion and granadas and low slowed gamera from ultraman ace and jack and gamera kaiju


Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs Wargilgar and Spyler