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In episode 15: "It's Sinking! Godzilla, Save Tokyo" a series of earthquakes are happening around Tokyo. The Zone Family soon learn that that the Garoga are using the Earth Eating Terror-Beast: Zandolla to dig tunnels and connect them to abandoned subway tunnels in an attempt to make a giant crater that would eat up all of Tokyo! When the beast finally showed itself it easily overwhelmed Zone Fighter and buried him underground. It seemed the warrior from space would die until Godzilla came to aid him in his time of need. Zandolla matched Godzilla's attacks blow for blow. Godzilla however soon ripped it's tail off and began to beat him with it but Zandolla wasn't finished yet. Zone Fighter escaped and helped Godzilla while getting support fire from Smokey.

Soon Zandolla's limp body was thrown back into the earth before being finished off by a Meteor Proton Beam.


Zandolla is 78 meters tall and has a whooping mass of 91,000 tons!

Powers and weaponsEdit

Burrowing: Zandolla can dig underground at impressive speeds.

Molten Steam: Zandolla can vent out steam of intense heat from the tips of it's arms and the tubes under it's head that are hot enough to froce even Godzilla to back off.

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-Zandolla is easily one of the strongest monsters in the Showa days of films as it took the combine might from both Godzilla and Zone Fighter as well as support fire from the aircraft Smokey to kill it.

-The very tip of Zandolla's drill head never stops spinning until its dead.


Zone Fighter and Godzilla vs Zandolla