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Welcome to Zone Fighter WikiEdit

Welcome to Zone Fighter Wiki, a wiki about one of Toho's most famous TV shows. Zone Fighter was inspired and Toho's answer to Ultraman back in the 1970's when super sentai or super hero shows were very big. Zone Fighter was an alien warrior who would grow to giant size to fight off invading monsters and aliens. The show is most famous however for having guest appearances by Godzilla as an ally, while King Ghidorah and Gigan showed up as one of the many monster he would fight off. Enjoy the articles about this last hero and once your done join up and help us expand and improve. Give us new info with a source for proof. ENJOY!

Zone Fighter, Red Spark, Jikiro, Destro-King, Dorola, Wargilgar, Spyler, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Dragon King, Gilmars, Gelderah, Garoga Gorilla, Spider Uros, Jipudoro, Shadorah, Gigan, Barakidon, Garoborg, Dedragon, Zandolla, Moguranda, Barugas, Gondargilas, Goramu, Jellar, Kastam-Jellar, Bakugon, Needlar, Kabutogira, Grotogauros